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PSD is a Photo Shop Document, a file that contain picture layers that are within the document and its settings that allows you to look onto an image exactly as the developer wants you to experience it regarding its shape, size, colour, width. We design for you the best image viewing experience for your web portal. We never let your information get lost whether one minimizes or maximizes your web page. For this we focus converting a Responsive Web Design. From responsive design we mean a design which is best explanatory, suitable, apt and required for your web page.

Creating a Responsive Design for a client have become a mandatory and crucial task for designing houses. We convert PSD to any other format like XHTML, PNG or as required as per our client’s need with complete perfection. We are associated with many design houses who send us their PSD files which we use as our source files and then convert their static images into best of living web pages. We being a web development company aim at developing rather than designing.

Selection of the most suiting image design for a web page needs high level of intelligence and knowledge which is rightly earned by our expert panel working behind the screen 24*7 hours to meet you with all what you expect and deserve for your web pages.

  • What is responsive-web-design ?
    With this new emerging terminology ‘responsive’ we mean serving you the best adaptive format of your PSD file required for your webpage to make it look more user friendly and explanatory.

  • Accepted File Formats: ?
    We owns expertise in converting an image file to nearly every available formats. We are masters in converting a PSD file to the formats required for creating it in lively webpage. Generally accepted file formats are JPEG, TIFF, sRGB, Exif, RAW and many more.

  • Flexibility or Rigidness ?
    Technology is most frequently changing aspect in today’s world. Never worry even if the image display pattern on your web page has got outdated. We are here to update you and your portals with the most recent, running and upcoming models.

“We don’t follow, me make people follow us.”

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