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Breathe life into your website design – Vervepsd Blog

Breathe life into your website design

Having a website has become a necessity of today. It goes without saying that what shows s what sells and nothing in the world can show a firm’s capabilities better than a website. A website is what the firms all about. It represents the firm and condensates with interested people while the firm itself is offline. A website lists everything a firm is all about. So, if someone wants to have a website then he or she should be very careful with creating a website, posting content and overhauling of the website. That is because if the website over all look and functionality are not up to the mark, the image of the firm is going to take a very bad blow. Even after a website is made it should be thoroughly tested so that there is no stone unturned in proving that a particular website is running smoothly.

It all starts with a great design. After all a website is first judged by its looks, its color scheme, the composition of various elements and consistency that should be present on all the pages. The design is made in the form of a template in a photo editing software. Mostly the templates are made in Photoshop that serves as the best platform for making templates. After that, the file is saved as a Photoshop document in layers. The layers are sliced and are prepared for the next stage that is coding. Coding makes this template functional.

Many a times people who do not know coding or who know little about coding use a content management system. Even here a little amount of coding is required. This is done by a coder who has years of experience in coding websites. Therefore the psd to wordpress conversion is done. It is even important for a website to be standard complaint, device friendly and have a Responsive Web Design. Therefore the developers test the website on all the browsers so that final output can be played anywhere on all the devices on all the screen sizes and on all the resolutions.   

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