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A brilliant website is one whose look and functionality work holistically across all platforms – Vervepsd Blog

A brilliant website is one whose look and functionality work holistically across all platforms

Over the years, websites have become a sure short method to attain fame. A good website not only brings visitors but also helps in converting the visitors into probable clients and thereby generating revenues. A website acts as a two way process. On the visitor or a probable client’s side, it equips him or her with every necessary information. This awareness helps a visitor to make choices wisely and thereby increase the credibility of the author. It is for this reason that the both individuals and companies of all verticals make it a point to have a website created for them. The content of these websites is very well planned and properly tested. Also, using various search engine strategies the content is optimized to attain a good rank in all the leading search engines.

The website’s sketch:

Any website’s base is its overall outlook. Every element that marks its way on the website is sketched out at this stage. A good designing company works on this sketch with thorough detail and carefulness. They do not leave a single stone unturned to detail the website’s sketch with every necessary element that the client wants. There are headers, footers, buttons, color scheme, etc that are very well etched on the mind of a designer. All this is mostly done in a photo editing software and the most popular and widely used software is Photoshop.

Making the sketch dynamic:

The visitors will after all use a website. Therefore, the Photoshop document is sliced into various layers. Each layer has some component of the website. The Psd to html conversion requires an experienced developer who can use his or her coding skills to make each layer dynamic. Once this is done the next step is to test the website.

The testing part:

Much before the website is opened for the users to use, it is tested across all browsers so that its compatibility can be texted. Not just this, the website is created in such a manner that it can run on screens of all sizes and of all resolutions. In short if a website passes every criteria, we can say that the website has a Responsive Web Design.


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