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Take your personal and commercial needs to the next level with device friendly websites – Vervepsd Blog

Take your personal and commercial needs to the next level with device friendly websites

A website these days is a mandatory element for immediate fame and recognition both for individuals as well as professional firms. A website is not all about functioning, an even larger credit goes to the overall design which instantly captivates visitors and motivates them to further browse the website. Visitors these days invest their money in various kinds of devices of varied screen sizes and resolutions, which further intensifies their needs for a website. As per a latest study, close to 90% mobiles have an access to the internet and this number is going to increase in the times to come which means a website should be so flexible that whatever device it is thrown at, it should adjust according to it.  The very precise term used is Responsive Web Design. As the name suggests the look of the website responds according to the make and size of the screen.

The designing involves a huge amount of creativity, which is mixed or in fact aligned with the needs and wants of the client. This means a designer has to plan the look in such a manner that it does not only present the client’s intention but even comes across as magnificent and mesmerizing. The website template is a term that is used for the sketch of a website. This is chalked out in layer wise form so that in further stages, coding can be applied. Every individual and every firm has different needs which is quite evident from the look of the template.

For example, a firm that deals in certain goods and services would want to have an interface, which caters to their functionalities and the target customers. In precise terms, they would want a website that totally adheres to their commercial needs. Their web pages would further be divided into:

  • Home page
  • Landing page
  • A contact us page
  • Order page
  • Login page, etc

And this is where an open source content management software comes in very handy. Hence, once the Photoshop document is prepared, the next stage is psd to magento conversion. Here skilled and experienced professionals apply their coding skills to convert the Photoshop file to a markup language.



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