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A flexible website that is device friendly is well received – Vervepsd Blog

A flexible website that is device friendly is well received

Every day a Smartphone or a notebook can be heard coming up with a new screen resolution and size. This has in fact created a fierce competition amongst websites. Now, what is this competition all about? The competition is about getting the content adjusted according to the resolution and to get that result, the websites can go to any extent while keeping their intent same. Minute changes like creating the buttons according device ergonomics are rendered. Moreover, these changes make it fairly simple for a visitor to access a site even while on the run. These are some of the most common movements that a user performs while he or she is on a particular site:

  • Pan
  • Scroll
  • Zoom in and out
  • Resize

Whatever it is, finally the website should be browser friendly and should play across all platforms available in the market.  What does it take for a website to have a Responsive Web Design? The funda is quite simple; it is going to be the same URL having the same HTML coding being played at various different devices ranging from mobiles, smart phones, tabs, desktops, notebooks, etc. The only key element or technique per say that would lead the change is the cascading style sheet or CSS as is it is better known.

A website that can play across all the screens is after all combination of a great design and brilliant functionality. For a great design, first a website is sketched out creatively in image editing software which hands down is Photoshop, though still not a compulsion. The final output, which more commonly is called a template, is saved as a Photoshop document. The next important stage is psd to xhtml conversion or conversion to any similar platform. This is done so that the design becomes functional and ready for a visitor to use. Still it is not yet opened to visitors. The website is tested across all the browsing platforms. It is checked on all the screens and finally it is exposed to the public.

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