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How to Improve Your WordPress Website Performance – Vervepsd Blog

How to Improve Your WordPress Website Performance

One of the most popular CMSs in the world, the use of psd to WordPress is not restricted by factors such as size of business or genre of operation. Despite its widespread usage, there are a number of factors that if left unattended, impact its performance.

Here are some of the areas that can have a significant impact on the performance of your WordPress website:

Restrict the Number of Plugins -:

While Plugins are one of the reasons of the popular appeal of Psd to WordPress, it is equally true that use of excessive number of plugins can have a negative impact on the performance of the site. It is also prudent to remove unnecessary or slow third-party assets on your website. Attempt must be made to cut down the number of widgets on the homepage and in its place have the important ones installed on the more sharable secondary pages.

Ensure the site is not front end heavy

Although WordPress offers flexibility of design, ensure that the graphics and other heavy assets do not impact its speed & performance. It is advisable to use a content delivery network to ensure quick delivery. It is also a best practice to resize large images and optimize them to ensure the desired speed of the website.

Avoid excessive API Calls

While calling an API is a great way to show content from other sites, it is also a fact that excessive calls may limit your site’s loading speed. This is on account of the fact that you have to rely on the speed of a third party server. Similarly sharing plugins based on APIs also affect the loading speed.

Spend time choosing the right host

Seemingly simple steps like choosing the right host are often ignored, impacting the wordpress site performance. While choosing the host it is worthwhile to consider not only the server quality, speed etc but also its ability to get a good performance out of wordpress.

Use of Super cache & Minify Plug ins

While it is not advisable to clutter your wordpress site with too many plug ins, two plugins that will optimize your site’s performance are the WP SuperCache, which is a caching plugin that makes your site faster and Minify, which removes unnecessary comments, characters etc & cuts down on file size.

Besides these short run measures, it is also best to prepare your website for future scalability. Combining performance testing with performance monitoring is a good way to collect information that is required to ensure your website is ready to handle a potential spate in traffic.

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